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I have spent years studying and caring for the human body. I am still amazed at how it functions and can recover quickly with the right touch. I specialize in deep tissue work, pain relief, relaxation, Manual Lymph Drainage for Post-surgery, swelling, pain reduction, and general wellness. I also offer massage therapy for the aging, pregnant women, plus-size, physically challenged, athletes, and even children. I look forward to helping you discover how massage therapy can help you.

Lower back pain?

Neck Pain?


Been in an accident?

No problem! I work with people with diverse issues, of all ages, and from all walks of life. I look forward to working with you!

In addition to Massage Therapy, I am certified in Manual Lymph Drainage or MLD. 

MLD is not massage but a very gentle, hands-on therapy used to relieve pain, and swelling (edema), boost immune function, and more.

Some conditions that MLD may address:




chronic pain

swelling (edema)

Post-surgical recovery

and more.

Please note; My services are non-sexual and therapeutic in nature. If you are searching for any other type of massage, please exit my website now. Thank you.

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